PAPER BAG FLOOR: A Perfect DIY Project!

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A few years ago, while searching for a cost effective way to upgrade my ugly, worn, floors I stumbled upon the idea of  paper bag flooring.  After a tremendous amount of research, trial and error, and some personal creativity I have found a way to create a wood plank technique of paper bag flooring that literally saved me thousands of dollars compared to other flooring alternatives, looks incredible, and has stood the test of time and abuse by my four children!

A DIY flooring option thats inexpensive, durable, and looks great!

Testimonial about this website from Judy who found it on the internet and left this comment…

Great web site with so much helpful information. Thanks for taking the time to do this…..we “paper floor” people need to spread the word and share our experiences with others. I did it as a cheap alternative to hardwood floors and I can honestly say that I like the “look” of it better than a hardwood floor especially because it is so unique. I love people’s reactions when they come into our house. My floor is now going on 4 years with no issues and still going strong after many wet feet, spills, etc etc. Thanks again.

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A product I have to highlight is Elmer’s Glue All: Reposition-able, Non-Toxic and it Works!

All the research I have done points to a common denominator in a successful paper bag floor. The common denominator is Elmer’s Glue All. If you’re like me, I live in an area where the only size bottle I could buy was a small school size…not good for my flooring project. I had to order online to buy it in a cost effective gallon size. Trust me, it’s worth the few days it takes to arrive. I have had many people ask me if they can use another glue product…I would NEVER. Many glue products are toxic and I’m unsure that they will work. I only use Elmer’s Glue All for paper bag floor and I have successfully laid almost 1000 sq’ in my home! Check out the amazing reviews of this product by clicking here.