4 Things to Consider Before Your First DIY
So you’re obviously considering attempting a “DO IT YOURSELF” project. Perhaps you gave in and signed up for Pinterest and before you knew it, you have a list of projects you would like to tackle.

Before you even consider a DIY project you must be sure to do these 4 things to set yourself up for a success.

1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Read, watch, repeat. Search online for others that have done the same project you are about to attempt. If there are parts you don’t understand… search to figure that out… now, before you start. Once you begin a project is not the time to try to figure out what you’re doing. Search youtube for instructional video relating to your project. For me, I prefer to learn by watching. Once you begin a project is not the time to try to figure out what you’re doing so DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST.

2. MAKE A LIST OF SUPPLIES. Fifteen trips to a building supply store or another amazon order all take time and set you back from completing your project in a smooth and timely manner. Make your list and check it twice… actually, I would check it three times but that’s just me.

3. SET ASIDE A BLOCK OF TIME TO WORK ON IT. After you did your homework and bought your supplies you should have some idea of how long this project will take. Be realistic. If you only have a weekend to accomplish your task, don’t bite off more than you can chew… and swallow. This seems like a “no brainer” but coming home everyday to a project that never gets finished is incredibly frustrating.

4. RELAX & BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF.  Don’t freak out. You did your homework, you are prepared, now just take your time and do your best. Don’t cut corners. Focus on the task at hand. Don’t quit. Before you know it you’ll be finishing up your first “DO IT YOURSELF” project and preparing for your next.

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Trisha Harris