Many people decide to take on a do it yourself project to save themselves a ton of cash in labor for a professional. After all, how hard can it really be?

Turns out, many projects around the home may, in fact, only “look” easy when a professional is actually doing them…that’s because they have been trained and likely have a ton of experience in this field of work. If you are considering a home project and you are thinking of tackling it yourself… as the creator of the the DIY website, I have compiled a 5 point checklist that will be sure to help you avoid a total DIY fail for your project.

#1 Research first. The worst thing you can do is go buy supplies and plan to start tomorrow as you “figure it out as you go”. That’s just stupid. Start with a simple google search for the project you are about to tackle. For instance, search “lay laminate floor DIY”… and so on. With most projects there are many youtube videos out there to watch that will at least give you an idea of what the task will actually entail.

#2 Make a supply list. This list should be concise. Include not only the material you will need, it should also include the tools you will require as well. Be thorough.

#3 Make a timeline and schedule the time to actually complete the DIY project. Don’t start it and leave it half finished for 6 months… plan to finish it!

#4 Ask a professional. If you’re fortunate to know someone that’s in this line of work… run it by them. Chat about your plans and ask them if there is anything, in particular, that you are overlooking. If you’re like many people and don’t have this privilege, don’t worry; often times, your local lumber mart or building supply store has a professional on staff that are wealth of information and eager to help.

#5 Stay positive and committed to completing the task. Remember, there is always a learning curve when you are starting something new… cut yourself some slack… this will take some time but it will be a great experience and look amazing when you are finished.