Paper Bag Flooring

Learn how to make beautiful DIY paper bag flooring.


Paper Bag Flooring

Paper Bag Floors For Your RV?

So… you are starting to think about summer vacation and spending a few weeks in your tired out RV… those gross, dusty carpets have got to go before your first camping trip… you can’t possibly endure another season with those…. Continue Reading →

Paper bag floors and pets?

It’s not a typo… paper floors are legit. They’re a budget-friendly, beautiful and durable option for your home, even for those of you that have 4 legged friends. For me, I’m an east coast Canadian girl and my entrance floors… Continue Reading →

How Long Does Paper Bag Flooring Last?

First of all, I would like to say, I laid almost 1000 sq.’ of paper bag floor in my home, with success! BEFORE I even considered this project I researched like a mad woman to find any helpful info I… Continue Reading →

Paper Bag Flooring is a CHEAP and Beautiful Floor Option!

Yes, you read it right… cheap and beautiful flooring can be achieved. My personal search for a cheap flooring option a few years ago was how I discovered this fantastic idea. Apparently this flooring has been around for years… and… Continue Reading →

Paper Bag Floor Instructions

  STEP ONE: Clean & prep the floors.  You can’t expect a nice finished product without prepping the area. It doesn’t take long… but DO IT. •if you are planning to apply paper bag flooring over plywood, seal the cracks between… Continue Reading →

2 Steps to Create a Paper Bag Floor that Looks Like Wood!

The backstory: A few years ago I was on the hunt for an affordable flooring solution for my spacious entrance. I was pleasantly surprised when my google results stumbled upon paper bag flooring. This caught my attention! Can I actually… Continue Reading →

Paper Bag Flooring on Stairs?

Paper Bag Flooring on Stairs? Stairs are often a high traffic area in the home. Choosing flooring for stairs is a bid decision and must be given much thought and careful consideration. I have shared a few tired looking stair… Continue Reading →

How to Clean Paper Bag Floors?

I have almost 1000 sq.’ of paper bag flooring in my home. I also have 4 children, ranging in age form 5 years to 16 years. I work, as does my husband. All of this equals not much free time…. Continue Reading →

Why I Chose Paper Bag Floors: My Personal Review

Paper bag floors are found online in a variety of styles & colours. They’re surprisingly durable considering what they are made of… brown paper. Despite their name, paper bag floors are often constructed using a roll of brown builder’s paper… Continue Reading →

Is Paper Bag Flooring Durable?

There are many factors that play into the durability of paper bag floors. In any project, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t expect a happy ending. In my experience, after laying almost 1000 sq.’ of paper bag… Continue Reading →

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