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MOSQUITOS- the backyard enemy.

So many of us are excited about summer… after all, there’s so much to enjoy! Beach days, vacation time, and backyard Bbq’s are just a few on the top of my mind. HOWEVER, there is one thing that drives me… Continue Reading →

Why use velco to screen your porch?

It started with pesky mosquitos in the evening then broadened to wasps at dinner. Of course, there were the everyday houseflies when you are trying to have an afternoon nap in your comfy hammock… groan. The decision to screen my… Continue Reading →

One HUGE reason to screen your porch- Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes!

These maps are certainly something to consider. Mosquitos, for many, are annoying at best! They have there way of ruining a nice family campfire or a beautiful sunset at the end of the day. Their pesky buzzing has been know… Continue Reading →

Avoid a DIY Fail with this 5 Point Checklist

Many people decide to take on a do it yourself project to save themselves a ton of cash in labor for a professional. After all, how hard can it really be? Turns out, many projects around the home may, in… Continue Reading →

A Flooring Option that Doesn’t Break the Bank!

Replacing your old worn out flooring doesn’t have to break the bank! Perhaps, you are like may people, and one of your new year’s resolutions is to get your spending under control… but how can you keep with your new… Continue Reading →

DIY Barn Wood Inspired Wall

Steps to barn wood inspired wall are directly below and the supply list is at the bottom of the page: Finished! Now check out the supply list below: Supply List (use what you have, borrow what you can, buy only… Continue Reading →

DIY Screen Porch

Screen your porch using velcro is an inexpensive, durable and great looking option to seal your porch from bugs and enjoy being outdoors.  To see the steps watch the videos below or if you want to check out the supplies… Continue Reading →

DIY Torched Wood Countertop

Create your own torched wood countertop that’s durable, inexpensive and looks great. It was a fun DIY project that pretty simple. Here are the steps I used to bring it together.  I’ll supply a link to all the products you… Continue Reading →

Paper Bag Flooring: Great fall project to get into

It is that time of year when Summer is over and going to the beech is no longer an option.  I know for myself I start looking for a project to get into.  Chances are you have an area in… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons I Chose Paper Bag Flooring For My Home

5 Reasons I Chose Paper Bag Flooring for My Home Are Paper Bag Floors Actually Made of Paper Bags? Contrary to their name paper bag floors are typically not actually made of paper bags. This flooring is often constructed using… Continue Reading →

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