First of all, I would like to say, I laid almost 1000 sq.’ of paper bag floor in my home, with success! BEFORE I even considered this project I researched like a mad woman to find any helpful info I could. I searched for the common denominators that seemed to produce a long lasting, beautiful, paper bag floor.

I was surprised when I stumbled upon this flooring idea. How could something so cheap turn out so beautiful… and to be durable too…? I was encourage to see that some people had installed their paper bag floor years prior… there was even one lady that had her floors in for 17 years! Mercy… now that was serving the test of time and she even had her dogs traipsing over them. There were many people that had them in for a few years and were very vocal about how impressed they were with the results.
I did read, in a few places, the suggestion to apply a coat of Varathane on a yearly basis to maintain the durability and conceal any scratches that have been inflicted on the floor. I was impressed that I could just slap a coat of Varathane on my floors to give them a makeover. For many flooring options, once they are down…they are down. Unless of course, take hardwood… you could sand, stain and seal; but I kid you not, that is a dusty, messy, huge task. Or take for instance laminate flooring. Some of that stuff swells with as much as a tear making contact with the grooves where the planks meet. There is no quick fix… that piece needs to be replaced. Sure… just dissemble the floating floor to replace a couple pieces that your dog peed on or your toddler cried on… mercy. That is of course,  if it isn’t glued together. Can you tell I’m not super impressed with that flooring option?  And then there is carpet… yikes. It holds dirt, dust and who knows what! You can get professional cleaners to come in to wash it but once carpet is worn… the pile just gets flattened and begins to look dated and worn.
I have to say, my floors have been down for 2.5 years and they look great. It’s in a high traffic area where it is exposed to water and abuse of many feet. I’m impressed with how my paper bag floor is lasting…I think it has many years left yet!
Trisha Harris