I have almost 1000 sq.’ of paper bag flooring in my home. I also have 4 children, ranging in age form 5 years to 16 years. I work, as does my husband. All of this equals not much free time. I do, however, function at a much lower rate of productivity in a messy and dirty home. All that being said… how hard something is to maintain, effects whether or not I’m prepared to have or purchase that item for my house. For example… I did not choose stainless steel appliances for my kitchen makeover, not because I don’t think they look fabulous in the showroom… they do. I didn’t choose them because I can’t stand finger prints and a dirty looking fridge. I had enough friends that made the purchase and their struggles for a polished stainless look turned me off. ANYWAY, back to paper bag floors…if maintaining clean looking floors is important to you, these floors are amazing! I simply wash mine with a damp microfibre mop. Sometimes I’ll splash a bit of vinegar in the water (I’m not crazy about harsh cleaners and my children’s bare feet walking over the residue) and wipe them up.

I will say, the “slate look” paper bag floor conceals more dirt. We have it installed in our high traffic entrance and it “looks” clean even when it needs a vacuum and a mop. The wood plank paper bag floor is beautiful and we have it in 4 bedrooms and a high traffic hallway. It does show dust bunnies more than the slate look. I do, however, accept it’s a sign it’s inevitably, time to vacuum…

I can remember years ago when I moved in for a short time, with a family member. The rage at the time was white vinyl flooring for the kitchen, high gloss. This family member choose a dark brown floor in her kitchen remodel that resembled stones. It was a high quality floor. I just didn’t like it. Not long after this, I purchased my first home. I put the high gloss, white vinyl flooring in my kitchen upgrade. I quickly realized that I didn’t like seeing every speck of dirt that fell to the floor. It hardly ever looked perfect. That drove me crazy.

Paper bag flooring is durable, it looks beautiful AND it’s easy to clean. That matters to me.

Trisha Harris