There are many factors that play into the durability of paper bag floors. In any project, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t expect a happy ending.

In my experience, after laying almost 1000 sq.’ of paper bag floor, on several surfaces, I can say they are very durable HOWEVER here are 3 things I don’t overlook while laying paper bag floor…

1. I’m realistic. This isn’t a one night, DIY project. I set aside the time needed. If you want your floors to stand the test of time and abuse LIKE MINE HAVE then you need to be sure to do your homework before tackling this project. It’s NOT A HARD project but it does require the proper steps to be taken.

2. DRYING TIME! This is a big one. Don’t rush this part. After you lay the floors with your glue mixture you MUST WAIT 24 hrs before staining. After staining, you MUST wait 1.5 days before varathane application. I applied 7 coats, yes, seven coats… of water based varathane to my floors. It dries VERY fast. I was able to apply a coat every two hours with success. DRY TIME again. At this point, its super safe to walk on but remember, like paint, varathane is not cured in 2 hours. It seems dry but its not super hard like it will be. The longer you can leave it before the kids are playing mini sticks and you are dragging furniture over it, the better. This ensures the varathane has the required time to really harden up and give you the durability you are looking for.

3. Make sure you buy the proper products. I researched this project like crazy. I scoured the internet watched every youtube video I could find and then I chose my supplies. I have provided a list of the products I used on my website, . Take special notice to the glue, stain, & varathane. These are, in my mind what made my project so successful.

Trisha Harris

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