So many of us are excited about summer… after all, there’s so much to enjoy! Beach days, vacation time, and backyard Bbq’s are just a few on the top of my mind.

HOWEVER, there is one thing that drives me crazy, especially when I have been enduring a long winter and cold spring, here in Canada… they are the annoying, blood sucking mosquitos that the summer months bring! They dampen my freedom and my lower my quality of life!


A few years ago when I set out to find a way to protect myself from this summer fiasco. I wanted to screen in my porch and protect myself from mosquitos without the use of DEET. I researched a variety of options and I couldn’t find anything that fit “the bill” and my style.

Until I dreamed up this idea… screening my porch WITH VELCRO!

It works wonderfully, resulting in a tight screen system that’s simple to store away during our crazy winters in the Northern Hemisphere. Many screen systems are made with wooden frames that can pose a storing issue for those that don’t want to sacrifice a chunk of their garage for screen storage. The screens I created, remove easily, fold and can be stored in a drawer or box in your closet!

Visit HERE to find out how you can tackle this project so you can protect your summer fun too! I have step by step video instruction for this effective DIY!

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