Yes, you read it right… cheap and beautiful flooring can be achieved. My personal search for a cheap flooring option a few years ago was how I discovered this fantastic idea. Apparently this flooring has been around for years… and the clincher… it lasts. That’s what caught my attention; a flooring option that lasts, is beautiful and CHEAP! Bingo baby!

One thing I love about paper bag floor are the options you have to personally customize. Once the paper is applied to the floor and it has dried for 24 hours, you basically proceed and treat it as wood. At this point I chose to stain mine with a dark walnut stain to give it a rich warmer tone. I simply rubbed it on with a lint free rag and it was amazing how the colours and texture of the floor came to life. Perhaps you like a golden oak colour, a dark espresso colour, or au natural… the sky is the limit on finishing touches. Then there is varathane. I chose a water based varathane that dries super fast. I applied seven coats to protect my creation with a diamond hard finish. You can choose a high gloss or a satin finish; I’m all about the satin, but that’s simply a personal choice with reflects my style.

For the first area I applied this floor, is cost me $60 worth of materials! This space included a 10×10′ area and 12, 4′ stair treads.  Price check that with any flooring option that looks this good, is this durable and is that cheap!  Basic materials for my traditional paper bag floor included Elmer’s Glue All (I used about a half of a jug), a roll of paper, the stain & varathane as well as a few rags and brushes. I was left with a ton of leftover product which was certainly a bonus when I got around to my next paper bag project that included 800 sq.’ of floor!

I spent endless hours researching this DIY. I decided to share the info and create a website totally dedicated to paper bag floor. For tons of step by step “how to”, videos and shopping supply lists visit me at

Trisha Harris

paper bag flooring on stairs. Durable Paper bag flooring