Paper Bag Flooring on Stairs?

Stairs are often a high traffic area in the home. Choosing flooring for stairs is a bid decision and must be given much thought and careful consideration.
I have shared a few tired looking stair treads below. Wood, carpet and paint… all are prone to show wear, especially in an entrance.

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If you have read any of my previous posts, you know that I am a mom of four children and our house is often “grand central station”. Our home is a split entry with a large foyer, 10×10’. The previous flooring was tile. It was not laid properly by the previous home owner therefor the tiles were loose, the grout was cracking and there were even a few tiles that were cracked. It was screaming to be replaced. We considered many options but some quick math proved that this spacious entrance with 12 stairs in total, was not a cheap fix… until I stumbled upon the idea of paper bag flooring. I researched this technique and I was confident I could do it. The floor has been down for two and a half years now. Here are a few pictures of how it’s holding up… they say, a picture tells a thousand words, I agree. Bottom line; it’s a durable and beautiful, CHEAP stair tread option!

Paper Bag Flooring on Stairs

Paper Bag Flooring on High Traffic Stairs after 2.5 years

The paper bag flooring is wrapped around the lip of the stair tread.

The paper bag flooring is wrapped around the lip of the stair tread.

Trisha Harris