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It’s not a typo… paper floors are legit. They’re a budget-friendly, beautiful and durable option for your home, even for those of you that have 4 legged friends.

For me, I’m an east coast Canadian girl and my entrance floors need to be able to handle four rugged seasons and four-legged friends too. The amazing thing about paper bag flooring is that the protective finish you choose literally has the ability to withstand dirt, water, and pounding feet.

Paper bag floors take some work but they are a low cost, rewarding project for those of you that are searching for a budget-friendly, durable floor. I have had so many people come into my home and comment on how nice the floors are! Sometimes I just say “thanks” and smile but sometimes I tell people that I made them out of paper. What always follows next is a series of questions and comments like, “wow, they are so nice”, “wow, I can’t believe this is paper?” and “you have had these down for how long?”. The bottom line is always disbelief that something so nice could be made from brown paper.



  2 Steps to Create a Paper Bag Floor that Looks Like Wood!