So… you are starting to think about summer vacation and spending a few weeks in your tired out RV… those gross, dusty carpets have got to go before your first camping trip… you can’t possibly endure another season with those.

BUT you don’t want to break the bank… after all, the more you save, the more money will be left to enjoy your summer vacation… right? Right.

I have a solution for you. If you are on the hunt for a durable, beautiful, pet friendly, low cost flooring solution for your RV I have a viable solution for you. PAPER BAG FLOORS. Yes, it’s true… there is such a thing.  I have personally installed over 1000 sq’ of these floors in my home. We have 4 kids and two dogs as well as four seasons… one of which is an incredibly long winter. The dogs and kids are traipsing in over my paper bag floor in the winter with snowy boots and these floors do not disappoint.

Does it take work? YES. Does it take time? YES. Can you do it yourself? Of course. Is it expensive? NO!

To find the detailed instructions on how to tackle this DIY task visit I have a slew of videos and step-by-step instructions that will help you tackle this task and be all ready for a wonderful camping season with your family!