After all kinds of research and laying almost 1000 sq’ of brown paper bag flooring in my home, I have compiled a list of all the supplies you will need to lay your own paper bag floor.    The Varathane (1 gallon will complete 500 sq ft of paper bag flooring with as many as seven coats), stain (1 litre will cover 500 sq ft), and the glue (1 gallon will complete 350 sq ft of paper bag flooring) are  brand specific and from my research and experience I would not advise changing.  To see similar items and reviews or if you are considering purchasing any particular item click on the Amazon links provided: 

paper bag flooring on stairs. Durable Paper bag flooring

Elmers Glue-All works great and it is not toxic like some alternatives.  It has excellent reviews!

When clicking on the link above be sure to read the reviews that have to do with how well it works for paper bag flooring in creating such a hard finish.  

Be Aware:  Although these floors are called “paper bag floors”, there is no need to try to track down paper bags when you can buy the paper on a roll!

 This will link you to the Walnut stain option which I used but there are a number of other options shown.

The knee pads below make the job a lot more enjoyable! >You will need these two additional items if you are doing paper bag flooring to look like wood:

Items you will need that you likely have lying around the house include: bucket, scissors,  paint brushes for smoothing the paper and applying the stain, a broom handle & stir sticks as well as a mason jar for measuring water and glue (if you are doing wood style paper bag flooring you will also need to purchase paint to match your particular “wood look” desire and a plank of wood for a template to cut your desired size or you could just mark off your desired size and cut it with a straight edge).

The links provided are all Amazon links.  I did a ridiculous amount of research before I started my paper bag flooring project.  I ordered the majority of my products through amazon.  I wish someone would of put together a list of the right products for me to order which would of saved me a lot of research.  Now you don’t have to wish because I put it together for you!  My family has been using Amazon for years to purchase items due to the hard to beat low prices, the low (often times free) shipping costs as well as the simple fact that it saves time and frustration from having to go from store to store to look for a specific item you need.  With the links provided I am able to earn a small advertising fee (at absolutely no cost to you) when you use the links to purchase the items featured or any other items you purchase while on the amazon site. The amount paid out by Amazon goes towards the domain and hosting fees as well as time spent in the creation and upkeep of this site.

If you have not checked out the “how to” page regarding paper bag floors on this website click here.

If you have any questions regarding paper bag flooring, feel free to message me on the contact page!  Have fun applying your paper bag floors!