Watch video tutorials of laying a paper bag floor…

Let me show you how to lay paper bag flooring, step by step!

I have found that watching a process being done is much easier and quicker to grasp, than text alone. Below, I share many personal “how to” videos for laying paper bag floors. The focus for many of these videos is “plank style”, “wood look” paper bag flooring. It is amazing…with the correct low cost tools/supplies and some old fashioned “elbow grease” the result is a beautiful, durable and … dare I say…cheap floor!  Be sure to check the “HOW TO” page for other design options for brown paper bag flooring. Please enjoy my paper bag floor video tutorial!


This woodgrain tool can be hard to track down.  You can find it here.


To see this process in a more detailed written form as well as the process for a slate style paper bag floor click here

To see a list of products needed to create this type of flooring including the specialized wood grain tool click here